Bags / Carry Goods

At MAKERSCUT we help designers by working with bag makers that has years of experience. We start from the prototyping and pattern making phase to final production. Designers can choose from our range of leathers or fabric base materials for their designs. Our required MOQ for bags start at 100 pieces per design.


Small Carry Goods

The skillsets needed for production of Small Carry Goods is different from that of a bag. In SCGs, more emphasis are placed on the details such as stitchings and finishings. Designers can choose from our range of leathers and other materials for their designs. We work with craftsmen that has decades of experience in working with SCGs to enable your designs. Our required MOQ for SCGs start at 36 pieces per design.



The main barrier facing footwear designers are the selection and access to the shoe lasts library as well as the soles that work with the lasts. We work with various footwear factories giving us access to a vast library of last that will enable you to start producing without needing to invest in the lasts. Our required MOQ for footwear starts at 36 pairs.


Materialize your ideas

Let us help you make your ideas come to live. Contact us today and our project managers will get back to you.