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Material sourcing for a ballistic nylon tote bag

Smart production model. A solution for small scale manufacturing.

To recap, in our previous post we mentioned some of the obstacles why, even though there is a large pool of craftsmen in South East Asia, a majority of them are still not working with Independent Brands globally. So we know that some of the issues are: Inaccessibility, Unequipped, Unorganized. We have touched on a

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leather goods manufacturer hand stitching a leather sling bag

The problems small manufacturers are facing in South East Asia.

We know the facts: 1. Independent Brands is the fastest growing sector in the fashion industry 2. There are close to 12 million craftsmen in South East Asia. And we also know that the Independent Brands are seeing a very high failure rate with manufacturing as one of the biggest reasons why they fail. So

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Leather craftsman doing edge beveling on a vegetable tanned wallet

The case for small-scale fashion manufacturing.

Independent Fashion Brands is the fastest growing sector in the fashion industry for the past few years. This is not surprising really with how easy it is to now just launch an online site to start selling products. Now with a bit of effort, almost anyone can start a site using WordPress, Shopify, Wix, in

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Bag makers making a 3 way carry sling bag

Backpack manufacturing. How hard can it be?

It was July, 2015, and two friends were chatting over lunch in Singapore. What was supposed to be a short lunch dragged on for 2hours. By the end of lunch, they decided that they wanted to ride on the e-commerce bandwagon and start their own Independent Brand selling what they love most: Backpacks. It’s shouldn’t

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