Our Vision

MAKERSCUT is for the Independent Designers; the underdogs, the dreamers. For every big brand that made it, many more aspiring brand makers had to give up their dreams. And for every brand that choose to go global and reach out to the masses, there are those that choose to stay small and exclusive. And our vision is to enable these people to help them in materializing their dreams.

Our Story

Our story began when we were at a mall in Bangkok one day where we saw a large number of independent local brands with finely crafted products. This was contrary to what we have heard from aspiring designers in Japan, the United States and Singapore, whom stated how it is almost impossible to launch their own brands due to barriers such as high MOQ for material sourcing and production. We started doing research and discovered that in Thailand and other South East Asian countries like Indonesia and Vietnam, they have an eco-system that is enabling for independent brands. Prototypers and pattern makers, retail shops that act as aggregators for material supplies and small MOQ production are just some of the enabling factors. With this, we felt that we can create an Uber for fashion production, and that was the start to MAKERSCUT.