At MAKERSCUT we take away the barriers that aspiring fashion designers are facing and enable them to launch their own label and products. Some of these barriers are: high MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) for production, high MOQ for material purchase, lack of infrastructure and support, and lack of quality control and project management. Thru a combination of aggregation, utilisation of existing infrastructures, and tapping on a unique production ecosystem, we are able to help Independent Designers materialize their dreams.

Prototyping/Pattern Making

Prototyping is one of the most crucial phases of the whole design process. We work with prototypers and pattern makers that has years of experience helping designers materialize their designs.

Material Sourcing

Through aggregation we reduce the MOQ needed for material purchase, enabling designers to get access to materials and accessories that they otherwise won't be able to on their own.

Low MOQ Production

Hight MOQ for production has always been a major barrier for designers. We work with small to mid size production facilities across South East Asia enabling a much lower MOQ for designers.

Project Management

We don't simply "throw" a project to a production vendor. Our teams on the ground work closely with these vendors every step of the way from pre-production to completion and delivery.

Launch Your Products Now

Find out how we can help you launch your own brand and products in the following categories: Carry goods, small carry goods, and footwear.